How to send extra data with AJAX form submit

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asked Feb 17, 2016 by gueOf (1,470 points)
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answered Feb 17, 2016 by Zr1158 (390 points)

Conclusion Now we have our beautiful form fully converted to Angular.
Now our form knows to use that controller function when it is submitted. As you type into each input box, you can see the form Data object being populated. Now, Angular will know that each input is bound to form Data.
commented Feb 17, 2016 by Filtersfrom (1,210 points)
NameSuperhero Alias Submit
commented Feb 19, 2016 by suppose (310 points)
This also allows me to modify the version class without having to change the pom
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answered Mar 14, 2016 by fby224 (200 points)

So you can accomplish the ajax functions completely without any extra plugins.
So instead of a form, we now just have a new div inside, with id of 'message'.
We begin with our basic html form: Name This field is required.
commented Mar 16, 2016 by gur_2597 (440 points)
This is covered by this article. I know someone said moving it to
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answered May 5, 2016 by lbhRoan (140 points)
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answered May 5, 2016 by piel_su (570 points)
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answered May 5, 2016 by howmanns (1,070 points)
I have absolutely no idea what caused this error
I have used How to submit additional form data blueimp/jQuery-File ... component for creating the basic structure of my view

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