With Devops - how to fix ansible problems at fact gathering time?

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asked Feb 17, 2016 by penateSee (510 points) 1 flag
Any light on this would be very appreciated. When gathering facts, provisioning fails for first host with error you see below. Thanks for any quidance and links to examples

3 Answers

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answered Feb 20, 2016 by eayrsJust (590 points)
Hello maybe this answer is late but is the correct one to achieve this
You can also connect on ansible-toolkit on PyPI - Libraries if you need help or wanna share your remarks
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answered Apr 3, 2016 by Vander (1,350 points)
This looks like it has some source code that might help you
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answered Apr 25, 2016 by stated (740 points)
Perhaps this example could explain
commented Apr 26, 2016 by isStegmaier (190 points)
This minimized a headache

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