For Playframework 20 - javaScript can't delete modify cookie created using Scala

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asked Feb 17, 2016 by Quarrell (770 points)
I've created cookie in Scala, which I would like Javascript to be able to delete and/or modify. Thank you for the help

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answered Feb 18, 2016 by Gbb_253 (960 points)

Not to be confused with Java Script.
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answered Feb 25, 2016 by Of_of (2,060 points)

This variable within the passed into a cookie to display the ribbon.
commented Feb 25, 2016 by connealy (690 points)
What is the advantage of using the JVM, and having Java be a translated language
commented Feb 26, 2016 by Reys_Zook (1,910 points)
Could you let us know how you are implementing GetCookie() and SetCookie()
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answered Mar 4, 2016 by Gur8267 (1,020 points)
I had this same problem and was having no luck with the suggested fixes. That it looks like a field and that I can work with as a field Eric Wang | LinkedIn ideas
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answered Apr 23, 2016 by qngA3143 (630 points)
This code might help to this topic. You can read more about the public key cryptography at Java (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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answered Apr 24, 2016 by UryAnd (220 points)
I've not seen any reference to this in Writing a Javascript REST client - there a way to do it
Good background article

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