Mule Flow fails on first try but works after with the LDAP connector using Xml

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asked Feb 18, 2016 by guv_5521 (790 points)
I have strange behavior with my Mule flow.

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answered Apr 12, 2016 by Express_la (560 points)
selected Apr 14, 2016 by bridgeford
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Maybe something like this
Look at the functions on Second Screen Re-targeting should be easy to adapt that to regions, too
commented Apr 14, 2016 by bridgeford (880 points)
You can create like this and you can add action also like this
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answered Feb 24, 2016 by time_Time (520 points)

This type of flow processes messages along multiple threads.
Mule applications are built around one or more flows. How about Flows and Subflows // MuleSoft Documentation I have found it very useful
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answered Feb 26, 2016 by again (560 points)

If false (the default) , the connector settings override the message headers.
By default, Mule generates the durable name in the format mule.
You can then configure the JMS connector and endpoints.
commented Feb 28, 2016 by Fbz_9903 (250 points)
Cancel jQuery(document)
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answered Mar 27, 2016 by Netrosio (1,060 points)
You can find the source code in Flows and Subflows // MuleSoft Documentation
commented Mar 27, 2016 by Chg_so (1,800 points)
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