ODP.NET user defined type - odd issue when using Oracle UDT

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asked Jan 30, 2016 by darlin (1,960 points)
Thanks for any suggestions

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answered Jan 31, 2016 by header (1,130 points)
NET (user defined type) googletag.
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answered Feb 7, 2016 by Keeleyhow (1,940 points)
NET UDT types in a where clause.
NET/Java developers in order to troubleshoot the issues they are facing.
Passing a VARRAY custom type from.

Here's some code I found that does this: How to use Oracle 11g ODP.NET UDT in an Oracle Stored Procedure's Where clause - CodeProject
commented Feb 7, 2016 by keebler (1,280 points)
NET Developer's Guide:ODP
commented Feb 8, 2016 by Pna3968 (730 points)
OracleConnection con, System
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answered Feb 8, 2016 by nqqYou (1,670 points)
You mentioned to create custom type class in c# using ODT automatically. For static methods, the UDT instance is not needed. For instance procedures, the first parameter must be the UDT instance.
NET supports invocation of methods defined for a UDT on the database.
commented Feb 10, 2016 by hagert_2054 (1,240 points)
Object, ParameterDirection
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answered Feb 11, 2016 by note_1194 (1,500 points)
See this article for more details: http://www.lfter.com/0mxegqgkkk/odd-issue-when-using-oracle-udt-in-odpnet-user-defined-type.html
I hope for some this might be helpful
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answered Mar 2, 2016 by PatternKetle (840 points)
This solution without timeouts
I got this from the bottom of this post: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/33829/How-to-use-Oracle-g-ODP-NET-UDT-in-an-Oracle-Sto
commented Mar 2, 2016 by Lexicalv (240 points)
Just encountered this myself. I did some research and found this here

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