For Environmenvariables, environment Variables ERROR

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Any help appreciated

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My server tends to hit Environment variables in Windows NT from time to time
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SO we can increment that when saving a new item
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COM, the names of environment variable are always uppercased.
In Unix shells, variables may be assigned without the export keyword. Environment variables are local to the process in which they were set.
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Entries in the CLASSPATH environment variable, which overrides the default.
Local variables (available to the current process only) are in lowercase.
If this is the case leave me a note on Environment Variables for Java Applications - PATH, CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME or here
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However, in Unix, other variables are usually used for this
commented May 5, 2016 by little (180 points)
How Classes are Found
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Here is the tutorial for setting a background image of a div Environment variable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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