How to create an Amazon WebServices S3 bucket with http libraries other than boto?

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asked Feb 20, 2016 by Brande (1,080 points)
I am trying to do three things: With python httplib OR urllib, urllib2 OR requests, I'm trying to connectto Amazon S3 (I have access_key and secret_key) Hope this makes sense

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answered Feb 27, 2016 by Joncas (380 points)

We did not know there are so many unique libraries in the world.
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answered Mar 17, 2016 by own_in (280 points)
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answered Mar 28, 2016 by pnf_7203_S (220 points)
I have found an answer to this question
Check out Introduction to Amazon Web Services and MapReduce Jobs for an excellent resource on the topic aside from man bash
commented Mar 29, 2016 by NtnArter (360 points)
Hope this clears the confusion
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answered Apr 7, 2016 by couple_stude (230 points)
How To create Diagrams for Amazon Web Services architecture

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