Working with Aes, how to decrypt a PyCrypto encrypted message using CryptoJS

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asked Feb 22, 2016 by BcgtoThe (890 points)
Thanks in advance for all the input the community could provide. I am finding issues in decrypting message in CryptoJS. Is it possible instead of showing in row i want to show in gridview like this

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answered Apr 18, 2016 by Yno_5166 (620 points)
selected Apr 20, 2016 by Yvx_47
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Decrypting data that was encrypted with Forms Authentication.
PGPException: Exception starting decryptionat.
CryptoJS also generates a random salt which also must be send to the server.
commented Apr 18, 2016 by something (1,440 points)
Anyone can download and use the source from here
commented Apr 20, 2016 by Yvx_47 (230 points)
I have updated this answer for community support
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answered May 1, 2016 by Conversion (300 points)
Check out Encrypt in python - decrypt in Javascript - Cheap VPS ... for a full list and explanation of the benefits
Please let me know if anyone has any question or confusion with the steps
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answered May 1, 2016 by gny4815 (330 points)
I had this problem and resolved it with some custom code
Please go to Using CryptoJS library in a Titanium mobile project to ... gives a nice explanation to your problem
commented May 3, 2016 by of3320 (190 points)
An introduction to his work on this subject can be found here
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answered May 2, 2016 by GurTo (500 points)
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