Working with Autoconf, building Python 2.7.9 on a machine where Python 2.7.5 is the system default

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asked Feb 22, 2016 by Budine_902 (830 points)
If any body have sample wcf sevice with iphone access please share with me

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answered Feb 23, 2016 by rather (1,720 points)

No harm is done on your system's Python.
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answered Feb 27, 2016 by Hadallerst (900 points)
I think that this might also help you
Also, their latest documentation is now available at
commented Feb 28, 2016 by Fail_pribyl (690 points)
Why was Sirius locked in such an accessible room
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answered Mar 2, 2016 by Trefry_do (1,000 points)
You can find lots of information at Installing Python on Linux The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python including documentation with examples
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answered May 13, 2016 by guv_5753 (140 points)
Take a look at will validate length and equality of the password fields
commented May 13, 2016 by vgfails (940 points)
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