That have all defined Y properties how to get all X

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Thank you in advance for your help. That is, company can have many industry types and industry type can be assigned to many companies. Thanks for ur concern

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Note, that the following APIs automatically trigger a Detect Changes call.
Calling the Change Relationship State method and passing the Entity State.
The following code creates a relationship between a course and a department.
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Unchanged state changes to EntityState
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Semantics of Sequential and Parallel Programs.
For heterogenous binary relations, a category of relations arises. The complement of the inverse has these same properties.
Make sure to check Binary relation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Clearly better than multiprocessing hassle
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This is the way I am using at this moment
Refer to Entity Framework Relationships & Navigation Properties for updated browser support information
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I came across this issue and then ended up writing script for this painful task
You can find the documentation at Properties of Binary Relation - Old Dominion University
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If you want to do even fancier stuff you should look into reflection
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Use this tools MATHS: Properties of Relations I have several thousand on my machine

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