What environment variable to read to differentiate between several users in CGI program in Environmenvariables

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asked Feb 26, 2016 by Should9038 (1,280 points)
I have CGI application which can be used simultaneously by several users. For each user's session I want to create separate directory within /var/tmp/myapp.

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answered Apr 2, 2016 by Jeanjacques (350 points)

Shell one doesn't view these exports as environment variables. Place these variables in a file named specvars.
Shell two reads in the line containing. Look at this post http://www.kingcomputerservices.com/unix_101/understanding_unix_shells_and_environment_variables.htm
commented Apr 3, 2016 by totrupia (270 points)
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commented Apr 3, 2016 by not_Valdiv (640 points)
Unix shells and environment variables: Read the whole series
commented Apr 4, 2016 by besanson (280 points)
Understanding Unix shells and environment variablesHow much do you know
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answered Apr 3, 2016 by fub_3843 (790 points)

Then suddenly the SSLenvironment variables disappeared.
commented Apr 5, 2016 by Flfto (120 points)
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I programmed this problem in my own project this way
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answered May 17, 2016 by arr_Of (1,010 points)

The read functionreturns the number of bytes that were successfully read.
And you can customize the environmentof script. Almost every scriptor program in Unix has an environment associated with it. The environment of a program is not a mysterious concept.
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answered May 17, 2016 by Oesterling (390 points)
I just wrote this cos none of the answers already here were simple enough
To do so, see [Httpd-Users] [users@httpd] Character encoding of SSL ... I have registered the application
commented May 18, 2016 by Nf_3247 (220 points)
This may be a really late response but here is a solution that works
commented May 18, 2016 by fehribach (440 points)
You will need to tweak your code some to get this working within eclipse

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