How to build a facebook-like fast search by starting of words?

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asked Feb 28, 2016 by all7890 (1,160 points)
I have to build search textbox in web page similar to facebook search box.

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answered May 10, 2016 by Anz3126 (940 points)
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That you have to have design patterns in your code. The best documentation and example I found was here Log into Facebook | Facebook
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answered Mar 11, 2016 by Cyrdodge (1,620 points)

It is a build that strives for speed, agility, and lightning fast attacks. The build focuses on Skill, which is similar to Dexterity in the Souls games. We have a build we would like to recommend that is particularly potent.
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answered Mar 29, 2016 by jnlof (650 points)
I know this was a while ago but maybe this will help others. Check out our website at
commented Mar 30, 2016 by Simply (1,460 points)
I have this problem too after I changed the source folder. You can also download the source code from here
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answered May 9, 2016 by Jur_1994_is (440 points)
I think that this might also help you. Get more details at I think it should be of help

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