NHibernate Linq-to-Sql - How to do a bitwise complement using Linq To Sql

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asked Feb 29, 2016 by The_mellie (700 points)
I am trying to use simple bitwise operations in linq to sql query using NHibernate linq provider:query. Some how a listener is attached to this element

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answered May 20, 2016 by ChilesKalmar (440 points)
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I have come up with another possible reason that this occurs. I think the article at http://sofd.developer-works.com/article/19047405/HTML+button+text+alignment+in+Firefox will answer your questions
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answered May 9, 2016 by Hcq_mike (230 points)
Found this workaround. I wrote a post about it Sitemap 98 - ScriptScoop.com it helps
commented May 11, 2016 by fby_1950 (900 points)
Just encountered this problem
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answered May 20, 2016 by Flanary (280 points)
I just had this same problem
Here's an example Bitwise operations and Flags (C#) | I Prefer Jim
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answered May 20, 2016 by Bja_My (220 points)
Go read on the overflow propriety to see if it fits your need

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