Tomcat 6.0 and 7.0 failed to start on Eclipse Luna

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asked Mar 4, 2016 by iwaoka_A (590 points)
Everything was working I had two Apache (6 and 7) servers on Eclipse, but after I import one application to different workspace I couldn't start Apache server.

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answered Apr 16, 2016 by Hamson_Vac (820 points)

You must restart the server after adding a new project. Start Tomcat, or restart if already running.
It is also easy to start and stop Tomcat manually, without using Eclipse.

See Tutorial: Configuring and Using Apache Tomcat 7 with Eclipse for full details
commented Apr 16, 2016 by galli (100 points)
I encountered this problem after removing some projects from the solution
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answered May 14, 2016 by scalfsampley (600 points)

In it Download additional server adapter also not shows Apache tomcat server.
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answered May 24, 2016 by There_8267 (580 points)
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answered May 24, 2016 by rir6230 (190 points)
You should now see a friendly Tomcat welcome page

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