Fake script how to pass Teamcity build parameters into an Ant script that is launched?

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asked Mar 4, 2016 by Dahme (910 points)
Any help greatly appreciated. Please do share your thoughts

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answered Apr 5, 2016 by Or8816Gr (900 points)
selected Apr 5, 2016 by flemming
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I had this same problem however none of the answers in this thread worked for me. See more info here http://pr8x.com/st/questions/11208323/accessing-teamcity-build-number-in-gradle-build-script.html
commented Apr 5, 2016 by flemming (780 points)
Just my two cents for future visitors who have this problem. See comment code out efficiently
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answered Apr 19, 2016 by is_Kukahiko (480 points)
Maybe An Army of Solipsists if you want an easy to use, very fast, macro based library
Hope this will help you
commented Apr 21, 2016 by ohgbut (590 points)
Adding them here as this accepted answer would be incomplete without these
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answered May 1, 2016 by between (190 points)
I ran into this problem and solved it with the two following bash scripts. That is the code and data are bonded together or tied or encapsulated

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