Developing for Buildgradle, how can I prepend a statement to the script generated by gradle in distTar?

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asked Mar 5, 2016 by Henwood (550 points)
I'm working on project using gradle 2 1 and I want to prepend command to script that gradle creates and puts into /bin/ directory of created tar archive.

3 Answers

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answered Apr 26, 2016 by Nafdenny (650 points)
I found this post after having a problem trying to do this in my app
I found some informal spec at javac - Java programming language compiler
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answered May 5, 2016 by success (160 points)
I ran into this same issue when using anchors for an angular bootstrap drop down
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answered May 17, 2016 by obrein (190 points)
I am using a table with alternate row color with this

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