How to prepare query for registration from Odpnet, oracle change notification

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asked Mar 6, 2016 by forfor (890 points)
Thanks all for your precious time. I cant register query to satisfy my conditions. I have 2 applications running from 2 computers. Hope anyone have a better solution

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answered May 18, 2016 by Curimao (600 points)

Start to register the SQL Server instance to get notification.
The SQLNotify is used to notify the changes.
All the columnnames must be explicitly stated in the query.

As explained here Query Notification using SqlDependency and SqlCacheDependency - CodeProject
commented May 18, 2016 by Jun9651 (620 points)
Does Query Notification have Performance Costs
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answered May 25, 2016 by Rameri (840 points)
I saw Query Notification using SqlDependency and ... but this does not make sense to me
commented May 25, 2016 by dhr_Goes (220 points)
Seems remarkable that this bug should have gone unfixed so long. That should fill the bill
commented May 26, 2016 by jvg_The (640 points)
I have written a custom directive to solve this problem
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answered May 25, 2016 by Include (290 points)
You have to do this with two different reviews. I have a list of guidelines at which we have used in prod
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answered May 25, 2016 by samples (390 points)
There is no command in git that will do this for you automatically. If you need more with examples,here is the link

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