OracleHelper How to read data from Oracle OUT SYS_REFCURSOR SProc parameter into a dataset?

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asked Mar 6, 2016 by kiester (370 points)
I get following error when I try to pass result from store procedure to dataset. OracleHelper class is similar to SqlHelper, just that it is referencing Oracle.

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answered Mar 31, 2016 by jnf_was (230 points)

To return multiple result sets, use multiple REF CURSOR output parameters.
Notice that the data type is Oracle Type. The code also shows how to define the REF CURSOR parameter for the result set. Each parameter is also tagged to indicate the data type.
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answered Apr 8, 2016 by the9937 (270 points)

The web application has to be access that server's oracle database.
Also how to send the datatable to the proc, what kind of parameter to use.

I followed the tutorial from here Databases :: Error While Getting Record Set From The Stored Proc Of The Oracle and modified it to the code below
commented Apr 9, 2016 by Jnl_true (180 points)
Define an output parameter of data type OracleType
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answered Apr 10, 2016 by Jeb_9470 (1,070 points)
Here you can find the shortcuts to access the developer tools db:: 4.08::Stored Procedure Transformation- No Return Value 91
There is a glitch that means you might need to tweak your connection string
commented Apr 12, 2016 by China (160 points)
Use a ParameterDirection
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answered May 26, 2016 by They_puc (190 points)
The OracleConnection must remain open while the REF CURSOR is being used
commented May 26, 2016 by here2430 (230 points)
NET Framework data type

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