How to reconfigure and restart unicorn in production with or without capistrano nginx

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asked Mar 10, 2016 by khim_you (710 points)
I'm having scalability issues with my rails server.

3 Answers

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answered Apr 23, 2016 by herzog (1,410 points)

We added a minimal Unicorn configuration in /etc/unicorn.
We just need to reconfigure Nginx slightly. Open the /etc/unicorn. You can check it out at
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answered Apr 29, 2016 by Grajek (260 points)
You can also take help from following thread RVM: Ruby Version Manager - Deployment best practices
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answered May 29, 2016 by guv_3029 (140 points)
Git Clone Your ApplicationWe will assume that you're logged in as the root user

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