Working on Quantmod, what is the correct way to do a multi time frame strategy with quantstrat?

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asked Mar 12, 2016 by Hcq_row (410 points)
Thank you in advance for your help

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answered May 31, 2016 by arrays (1,020 points)
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How increase Modelling quality percentage
commented May 31, 2016 by Lrg2230angl (450 points)
Maybe something like this
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answered Mar 21, 2016 by poot4491 (530 points)

That seems like a lot of work just to test the strategy.
Put simply, the strategy tester has limitations. Either one can be wrong because the trend changed part way through the bar.
Also try to find some cool websites such as How do you back test a multi time frame strategy. - MQL4 forum
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answered Apr 7, 2016 by or6335an (550 points)
This is a timer I made for a music project of mine which does this thing. Found this extension Multi Time Frame Analysis - YouTube which is really useful when debugging redirects
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answered May 31, 2016 by Pnawaggy (310 points)
This is really a tricky thing to have a sticky header on your table. My server tends to hit from time to time
commented May 31, 2016 by the_kuc (100 points)
I am having this error when seeding my database with code first approach. But this was the only solution worked for me

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