How to create an alias for a nginx virtual host?

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asked Mar 13, 2016 by them2920 (1,130 points)
I have gitlab CE instance running in virtual machine in private VLAN.

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answered May 15, 2016 by ToHudec (480 points)
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It will look like this:Welcome to Example
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answered Mar 30, 2016 by vg3482 (510 points)

Open it up by typing: sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.
We can additionally add any aliases that we want to match. Point it to the site's document root that you created: root /var/www/example.

See for more details about it
commented Mar 31, 2016 by Dintino (1,520 points)
You can create like this and you can add action also like this. Your problem will be solved
commented Mar 31, 2016 by reffett (920 points)
I struggled with this recently with and older project. Copied from a duplicate
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answered May 5, 2016 by Hilbert (560 points)
Kinda late but here is what I did after encountering this problem. See my answer here How to create an alias in nginx? - Nginx Forum is not good solution
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answered May 7, 2016 by No_607 (180 points)
There is a write up that I found very helpful Nginx - How to Configure Nginx - Linode

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