How configure charles-proxy to work with chrome in linux ubuntu 14.04 from Google Chrome

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asked Mar 13, 2016 by Pna7929To (430 points)
Thanks in advance for your help

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answered Apr 25, 2016 by Lbh670 (780 points)
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Then you can install adblock and it will work fine with the ubuntu extensions.
commented Mar 15, 2016 by Make_c (1,220 points)
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Adjust the speed according to your need
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answered Mar 19, 2016 by krukiel (490 points) 1 flag
commented Mar 20, 2016 by early_a (150 points)
Just found this post while trying to figure out how to do the same thing
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answered Apr 5, 2016 by Cer_Its (420 points)
You can find some relevant information here Mozilla Firefox terribly slow on Ubuntu 14.04 - Ask Ubuntu

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