Execute ssh-add with ansible raise an error

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asked Mar 14, 2016 by gur_But (170 points)
I am trying to use Ansible to create infrastructure for ssh connections. - name: Copy ssh key to each server copy: src=static_folder_key dest=/home/ec2-user/

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answered May 7, 2016 by yvoIs (1,040 points)
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Increases performance on new host additions.
commented May 8, 2016 by qng1063Code (310 points)
Why don't you propose this code into Fabric main project
commented May 8, 2016 by Andreadis (360 points)
This is really a readability issue with your code. Hope it helps somebody
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answered May 13, 2016 by elford (290 points)

Fabric completely tied to ssh protocol implementation.
WinRS command line tool which can be executed from cmd. I extracted the below code from Python with PowerShell Remoting (Windows equivalent for Unix ssh sessions) · GitHub and added the license on top
commented May 15, 2016 by Available_i (150 points)
This might be not the solution that was looked for but i solved it like this
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answered Jun 1, 2016 by PbaIt (560 points)

To post to this group, send email to ansible.
To post to this group, send email toansible. For more information, please look into http://grokbase.com/t/gg/ansible-project/149m15skyj/running-ansible-from-jenkins-execute-shell
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answered Jun 1, 2016 by ocaml7982 (1,280 points)
You can use my service, [ansible-project] Running ansible from jenkins execute shell for this
This sorted out my error
commented Jun 2, 2016 by clunes9738 (370 points)
There is an article that I wrote on this very subject a few years ago
commented Jun 2, 2016 by handy_48 (120 points)
This is a timer I made for a music project of mine which does this thing. For more detail check this
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answered Jun 1, 2016 by Makesmallo (180 points)
I have done this without using any function
This was a good http://docs.ansible.com/playbooks.html poor man's solution

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