How to pass FedAuth cookie in Ajax call to external Azure Web App

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asked Mar 14, 2016 by serratore (310 points)
I'm new to Web application security and am attempting to pass "FedAuth" cookie within request header, which I believe is claims/identity token, from Web site when it makes Ajax call to.

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answered Apr 10, 2016 by vshelps (580 points)
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You can also use app authentication without ACS. For example, a user installs an app from the Share Point Store. You find more information on What's new in authentication for SharePoint 2013
commented Apr 10, 2016 by NishiokaUse (990 points)
The following code shows a message handler for creating session IDs
commented Apr 11, 2016 by qbj2761 (660 points)
Use the indexer method to get a CookieState by name, as shown
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answered May 18, 2016 by Leoma_I (590 points)

The point of the example is to show HTTP cookie management. It also adds the session cookie to the HTTP response.
The handler checks the request for the session cookie. The session ID is stored in a cookie.
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answered May 21, 2016 by Abgwhy (140 points)
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answered May 27, 2016 by nyzwass (200 points)
I gather that this is the sort of thing that the schema module is meant to do
This What's new in authentication for SharePoint 2013 works perfectly
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answered Jun 1, 2016 by wares (560 points)
Take a look at .xyz - {CODE} and feel free to add any feature you think could be useful
I just thought they made a good product
commented Jun 1, 2016 by therea (220 points)
Just experienced this

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