Chartkick piechart instead of integer value how to get enum labels

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by Holub_Coupl (440 points)
Gender is defined as: enum gender: {male: 1, female: 2, other: 3}chartkick is used to represent gender data in piechartpie_chart @registrations.

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answered Mar 16, 2016 by ahart (550 points)
selected Mar 18, 2016 by Preferable_d
commented Mar 16, 2016 by Deleted (170 points)
Unfortunately there is not a lot of info on this at this time
commented Mar 17, 2016 by V_From (560 points)
I recently came across this page looking for something like this
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answered Mar 27, 2016 by Riveros (280 points)
A web article with a lot more details can be found here
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answered May 30, 2016 by Holian (270 points)
Hope this will help you

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