Using middle layer when consuming 3rd party restfull api in Aspnemvc

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by usedhoon (1,760 points)
When consuming restfull api from third party, using asp. net MVC i would like to know is it good practice to use middle layer to call and structure data before sending it back to client.

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answered Jun 2, 2016 by Urnuse (600 points)
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I think another aspect of this is that the code is what is important
Are they available via link How to connect to webservice when there is middle layer ...
commented Jun 3, 2016 by GunDid (410 points)
I will try to update this answer when I find out more about the missing points
commented Jun 3, 2016 by guv_2864 (100 points)
I just wanted to add my scenario for anybody who may have this issue
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answered Apr 7, 2016 by Included (970 points)

Right, the middle layer would be the direct consumer of the. Client application required to send http request middle layer instead of soap.
But there is network connection from intermediate layer system.
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answered May 18, 2016 by BeforeSu (460 points)

NET based data access layer.
The below interfaces will be implemented by the data layer.
commented May 20, 2016 by Elements (140 points)
Perhaps this will help someone
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by Coples_c (690 points)
Just was curious what to expect next week and have found this question
The code is available at Brady Clifford | LinkedIn
commented Jun 3, 2016 by Do6582 (210 points)
I ran into this problem today and this was my solution. It does not do bounds checking and can overflow your buffer
commented Jun 4, 2016 by gur_pick (1,070 points)
There are service providers that will comfortably and reliably do this for you. That fixed the problem for me

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