Webservice how to secure

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by jbe8264T (1,460 points)
I have webservice with name http://mywebsite. When i provide name return result will be actual details of that person. Kindly help me to solve the issue

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answered May 9, 2016 by marches (160 points)

To find out more about JSON strings, go to json.
All other JSON methods will be secured. Use the following property to specify your public methods: jsonws. If you need the strict mode, you can set it with this portal property: jsonws.
commented May 10, 2016 by Chiotti_ha (530 points)
Could you please help me out how i can fix this using FireFox
commented May 11, 2016 by Lbh1822cara (610 points)
Secure JSON Web Service Servlet Filtercom
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answered May 30, 2016 by vreeken (1,120 points)

But you can always convert xml to json.
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answered May 31, 2016 by fby3303 (710 points)
I have posted this as a separate answer as it is unrelated to my existing answer
I would also recommend https://dev.liferay.com/develop/tutorials/-/knowledge_base/6-1/json-web-services?notice=1
commented Jun 2, 2016 by bs5861 (110 points)
When you start Liferay Portal, it scans classes on the classpath for annotations
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by Pyb2186 (260 points)
Is there a way to call this service using pure JavaScript
commented Jun 4, 2016 by Coreen (1,510 points)
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