Why is PHP's type hinting allowing NULL in place of object using Magento

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by vmaize (530 points)
Why is PHP's type hinting allowing object through when it is NULL.

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answered Mar 16, 2016 by ireVery (380 points)

There are several functions that return either a string, FALSE, or NULL.
Adding the type of params and returns is the main subject of this issue. We're documenting data types, not data values.
commented Mar 17, 2016 by Gb_6812 (570 points)
Copied its Issue Summary here
commented Mar 17, 2016 by Nyy4980 (2,530 points)
See Grammatical tense
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answered Apr 22, 2016 by nebof (240 points) 1 flag
Have you tried this PHP: Function arguments - Manual
It really helps me a lots
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answered Jun 1, 2016 by v9241 (140 points)
Is this a defect in Firefox/Linux or is it a defect in the page design

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