For Foreach - how to get Key Value in Salt

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by hfr_8004_ve (1,050 points)
Please give some input to solve this issue

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answered Apr 29, 2016 by And_Why (780 points)
selected Apr 30, 2016 by felty
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There are some people here that have no idea what they are talking about. Using only YAML Ain't Markup Language (YAML) 1.0 isn't and should work in most cases
commented Apr 29, 2016 by maddern_tr (660 points)
I think this code will work because place holder needs only for input type text
commented Apr 29, 2016 by Obermeyer (550 points)
This is an interesting problem to which I hoped there was an elegant solution. If you need help I can help
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answered May 22, 2016 by guvbator (330 points)
I hope this is helpful
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by this_with (240 points)
I have written a custom directive to solve this problem

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