How to output flattened database tables to excel with Flask and SQLAlchmey

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by naq_3062 (620 points)
A detailed account of the process would be of great help. I have four tables which are related through forign keys. DriverDailyRoute is child of User (also known as driver in my relationship) Thanks and happy to add more code

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answered Apr 19, 2016 by Identity_t (460 points)
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Why no Infinite loop in didSet
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answered Mar 19, 2016 by isMutually (290 points)

Stick completely with stored procs for production database access.
PostgreSQL as a database is pretty much amazing.

Here is an example Ask Slashdot: Linux Database GUI Application Development? - Slashdot
commented Mar 21, 2016 by onmalory (1,060 points)
I have pulled my hair out with this error a few time. Now that background will be shown
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answered Mar 21, 2016 by montalvanand (530 points)
Here is his article about this c#,java,php,javascript,android,jquery,iphone,c++, ...
Merge them into your branches etc
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Just a thought but what if you worked this problem from the opposite direction. Following code for adding activity in android manifest file

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