How to prevent jquery validator to send default element name and value?

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by toFreudentha (460 points)
I have jQuery Validator plugin and I need to have AJAX validation method. First of all, I tried to use remote, but as I understand it sends element's value and uses element's name.

3 Answers

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answered Mar 21, 2016 by abg_The (2,130 points)
This should suffice your purpose
See .submit() | jQuery API Documentation for more details and workarounds
commented Mar 23, 2016 by n_9860 (330 points)
May be answer would depend on what problem you have with using iterator
commented Mar 23, 2016 by solution (190 points)
There are issues with memory and the way to solve this problem is very simple. By writing that code you can upload a larger file than now
commented Mar 23, 2016 by zlClark (1,240 points)
I ran into this problem this morning too. Read more about all programming errors here
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answered May 13, 2016 by Column (390 points)
Check out Form Validation using jQuery | WebReference for more info, see quoted section below
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by mershon6090 (680 points)
I am posting this to advise anyone else new to this problem to ignore it. Hope it helps anyone

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