JIRA can't retreive attachments

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by vslook (390 points)
I just need to know how to do this without using tr and shuf

3 Answers

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answered Mar 16, 2016 by gur_7370 (420 points)
This time you found your problem
Here's an example RedmineReceivingEmails - Redmine
commented Mar 17, 2016 by AsThibeault (300 points)
Here are some intros
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answered Mar 19, 2016 by BorstadE (280 points)
Perhaps this example could explain
There is a wonderful article Initial commit Mojira/Arisa@f9fa3aa - github.com
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answered May 28, 2016 by V_8371_Wrong (1,360 points)
There is no need to write your own function to do this. So this is the complete solution

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