Working on Css, how to set block display of inline elements in shadow root

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by Oeh_8652 (370 points)
I have few tag in shadow root,they are inline codes.

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answered Mar 26, 2016 by vf3566 (670 points)
selected Mar 28, 2016 by Vs_6771
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I have found an answer to this question. A good overview is found in Introduction to Web Components - W3C Working Draft 6
commented Mar 28, 2016 by Vs_6771 (330 points)
I am using a table with alternate row color with this
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answered Apr 13, 2016 by Finite_4052 (720 points)
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answered May 23, 2016 by N4038kotts (220 points)
Perhaps something like this
Outside sources on this Inline Formatting Learn CSS3 | Cheat Sheet | CSS ...
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answered May 26, 2016 by Injection (780 points)
I have followed to implement this
The time example is here and the docs are here

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