In Sonarqube - sonar Gradle Plugin Package is sealed error

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by Stipes (940 points)
Thanks in advance for your help. When running gradle taskgradle clean test jacocoTestReport sonarqubei get following error:10:35:16

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answered May 14, 2016 by was_Cass (570 points)
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I have small hack way to resolve this problem for everywhere. You will probably find some examples already in the file
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answered Mar 27, 2016 by better (1,070 points)
You will need to tweak your code some to get this working within eclipse. For more detail you also can visit marinaarhipova893: ANDROID DOWNLOAD ERROR 927
commented Mar 27, 2016 by UpperMuraoka (1,350 points)
May be answer would depend on what problem you have with using iterator
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answered Apr 1, 2016 by isMenchu (170 points)
I spent many hours struggling with this same problem. What i want is something like How to get SonarQube working with SVN server v1.6.11 ... but on my own server

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