How to modify a layout from a custom ArrayAdapter when i press an item using Android Arrayadapter

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by vormwald (840 points)
I have LinearLayout that contains listView and RelativeLayout.

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answered Apr 11, 2016 by Hardway (210 points)
Tutorial on managing listview items: add, delete.
As we did for the add functionality, we can implement the delete item.
To do so we need a button, so that when user presses it a dialog window appears.
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answered May 7, 2016 by logging_W (260 points)

It should be inflating the item not the main layout.
This layout causes the image to appear on the left.

You can install compiled version from
commented May 8, 2016 by Forget (890 points)
This class is a standard Android class and it is very simple to use
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by qba2082 (150 points)
Check this solution to detect and notify the user Using lists in Android (ListView) - Tutorial - vogella
You can find it here
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by jun_83 (530 points)
In our case the ArrayAdapter contains just strings to make things simpler
commented Jun 2, 2016 by You_8663 (2,560 points)
Another important and very useful adapter is the ArrayAdapter
commented Jun 3, 2016 by rzh_3274 (460 points)
We showed how an user can interact with this view using OnItemClicklistener
commented Jun 3, 2016 by betsch (360 points)
Continue the line with other element without braking
commented Jun 3, 2016 by sbe476 (100 points)
There is a certain amount of confusion in the answers to this this question. See a nice article on it here
commented Jun 4, 2016 by Gb4388szymko (100 points)
I am posting this to advise anyone else new to this problem to ignore it. Please visit its description page for its usage
commented Jun 4, 2016 by Absolute_boe (750 points)
One problem with this trick is that description attribute cannot be localized. Hope this helps someone

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