Ng-repeat not updating when shared object does developing for Angularjs

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by understood (620 points)
I am trying common pattern of returning object from service to controller then assigning that to scope object and then updating original object and having scope update too.

3 Answers

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answered May 3, 2016 by found_Mi (1,150 points)
For achieving this we need to use this method
Check my library AngularJS Views And Directives - it helps
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answered May 23, 2016 by jbh5103it (1,100 points)
A static function is a function that does not have access to this. Details available from here
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answered May 27, 2016 by therea (220 points)
I have also faced this problem. This is how I manage it
commented May 28, 2016 by jardin (160 points)
With this code you get only the types that implement a defined interface
commented May 29, 2016 by Gb_7574 (320 points)
There is another way of looking at this issue that you might find interesting

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