How to set get value from ace editor in iframe?

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by fnz4469 (390 points)
Your help is very appreciated. I have ace editor with custom mode hosted in heroku, now I can render this app in iframe but I am unable to get/set value of ace editor which was present in iframeI tried to access iframe.

4 Answers

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answered Mar 22, 2016 by Ynl_757 (570 points)
For details please see the documentation
If you need help I can help
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answered Mar 22, 2016 by henfling (540 points)
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answered Apr 1, 2016 by Sabel_Bartme (200 points)
Check out this demo Bootstrap iFrame inside Bootstrap modal snippet -
I wish i knew that before I started vi for the first time
commented Apr 2, 2016 by Gur_1318_In (490 points)
I had this problem with this exact activity. This page explains the procedure
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answered Apr 2, 2016 by Arnst_9741 (690 points)
I just found this same problem. Might not work for everyone but could help get through in an emergency
commented Apr 2, 2016 by jucean_know (720 points) 1 flag
There is no one at work that can help you with this question. This should center the div

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