How to store sessions in DynamoDB using Rails 3 with Amazon Dynamodb

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by Servic (280 points)
I tried 'aws-sessionstore-dynamodb' gem but I don't know where to specify credentials.

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answered Jun 2, 2016 by Vanecek (1,670 points)
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See AWS Developer Blog - Ruby for more possible solutions
commented Jun 3, 2016 by Ogeen_6349 (140 points)
Done using WebSockets and is powered by redis
commented Jun 4, 2016 by faulst (130 points)
Could someone explain what this means. Thanks for your help
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answered Mar 20, 2016 by Craffey (850 points)

AWS: : Session Store: : DynamoDB failed to save session. AWS: : DynamoDB: : Session Store failed to save session. Here are more details, Renamed DynamoDB::SessionStore to SessionStore::DynamoDB · aws/aws-sessionstore-dynamodb-ruby@61ec144 · GitHub
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answered Apr 12, 2016 by notleontine (150 points)

We store usage data in there, for example. But for some stuff we use Amazon DynamoDB.
Be the first to leave a review for Amazon DynamoDB. Have a look at Amazon DynamoDB vs Redis Stackup | StackShare is open source and it is written in
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answered Jun 2, 2016 by planeryour (630 points)
Take a look at Amazon DynamoDB vs Redis Stackup | StackShare for an explanation of why this doesn't work
Sorry for the remake but is the first time i answer
commented Jun 3, 2016 by Pettinella (220 points)
Following options were elaborated starting from this answer. Check here the documentation

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