IOKIT USBPrivateDataSample.c- How to get files from added device

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by abg_3850 (370 points)
I am basically experimenting with USBPrivateDataSample. c from Mac Developer Library - which I have configured to communicate with USB SAT NAV device.

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answered Apr 25, 2016 by Macchi (1,160 points)
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I just did a fresh install and had exactly this same problem myself
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answered Apr 16, 2016 by guv5549baul (140 points)
See strsep()? - How to free any one help me to resolve this issue
commented Apr 17, 2016 by leverette (860 points)
I explained it in details on a little article
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answered Apr 27, 2016 by is_7094 (450 points)
I would also like to offer an alternative solution to this problem

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