In Google Play Services, failed to resolve play service v 7.0.0 onwards

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Many many thanks in advance. I am trying to sync Gradle with following dependenciesdependencies {compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['* Please let me know what is best way to change the locale in my above case

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answered May 21, 2016 by Paling (440 points)
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Put this code into your tag of your page. Take a look at this one Graham - MSDN Blogs
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You can display both SNR and PER values simultaneously.
Maint displays when parent selection is complete. Values that display are seek, scan and maint.
You can find one more example at Cisco Aironet 1520, 1130, 1240 Series Wireless Mesh Access Points, Design and Deployment Guide, Release 5.2 - Cisco
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Nothing helped me except this way
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Backhaul Interface The radio backhaul for the mesh access point

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