For Php, including files when a directory is accessed

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by worksCandy (700 points)
I am trying to use php to include files based on directory they are in.

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answered Jun 3, 2016 by gb4320 (480 points)
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This operator matches strings against regular expressions. Refer my existing answer here
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answered Apr 22, 2016 by BeGreat (820 points)

There are many ways to back up files. These can be accessed as files in user space.
The use of folders makes it easier to organize files in a logical way.
Update Computer file - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia example how this app works
commented Apr 22, 2016 by Naf1614 (200 points)
For a more detailed and technical article, see File system
commented Apr 24, 2016 by Naq5065sho (2,800 points)
Let me know if you need additional help
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answered Apr 29, 2016 by Ner_687 (1,150 points)
A notable directory it contains is /var/log where system log files are kept.
In every directory, there are two special directories called. Read more about it at
commented May 1, 2016 by larrie (1,150 points)
This problem happen with me when i use storyboards
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answered May 30, 2016 by beith (140 points)
Also see this question where I put this comment as well
Here is a site that helps How do I check if someone accessed my computer? - Ask

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