How to stub specific IDs only in cucumber test?

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by souvannarit (390 points)
Very new to Ruby and cucumber, and i've got controller that accepts ID. Wont get any suggestion for thattry this jsfiddle

3 Answers

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answered Mar 18, 2016 by larita (930 points)
I have posted this as a separate answer as it is unrelated to my existing answer
More details in this link The Ruby/Rails Life My Rails 3 Stack Part 2 | Joey ...
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answered Apr 18, 2016 by stones (530 points)
This is just something I came up with to solve the problem. Try this for windows users How should i test this code with rspec - Ruby Programming ...
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answered Apr 25, 2016 by fun_To (550 points)
How do Iapproach writing tests

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