How to write Gradle script for Android Studio?

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by crill (400 points) 1 flag
Please tell me how to write instructions for Gradle-script: I need to create text file with specific content, and write it in assets ( resources)

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answered Jun 3, 2016 by Portales_gre (1,600 points)
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Dobb's Journal is devoted to mobile programming
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Just put this in your batch file where you want the wait. You can download the jar from here
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And another example along similar lines
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answered Apr 17, 2016 by Potratz (700 points)

Within that script, define a single atomic piece of work.
The default naming convention for a Gradle build script is build. Getting started with Gradle Every Gradle build starts with a script. Now, let's implement a simple build script with Gradle.
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answered Apr 17, 2016 by PnyScot (2,010 points)

In the Gradle script the below line is required.
Then we add below code in our Gradle script.
We will see how to write Gradle script to create JAR and WAR.

Well the situation was this with us long back and the solution was
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answered Jun 3, 2016 by bhg_7157 (180 points)
I also had a problem like this when I was working in a project
I think the article at Chapter 39. Writing Custom Plugins - Gradle will answer your questions
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Struggled with this myself

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