How to write Gradle script for Android Studio?

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asked Feb 3, 2016 by lela_Line (2,760 points)
Please tell me how to write instructions for Gradle-script: I need to create text file with specific content, and write it in assets ( resources)

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answered Mar 17, 2016 by penale (1,610 points) 1 flag
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In the Gradle script the below line is required.
Then we add below code in our Gradle script.
We will see how to write Gradle script to create JAR and WAR.

I just started this one: Java Project + Gradle + Eclipse Integration Example proposals are welcome :)
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You'll verify that Gradle has been installed correctly and is ready to go
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Sorry to be late to the party but just found this solution to the problem. Then just restart eclipse
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answered Mar 13, 2016 by Thatpolizzi (320 points)

Within that script, define a single atomic piece of work.
The default naming convention for a Gradle build script is build. Getting started with Gradle Every Gradle build starts with a script. Now, let's implement a simple build script with Gradle.
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answered Mar 30, 2016 by Getmeusa (1,330 points)
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Also encountered this issue
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answered Mar 30, 2016 by weatherley (470 points)
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