What is secure way to store user credentials and other sensitive data

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asked Feb 3, 2016 by sni_of (1,030 points)
I'm working on application that, in order to do tasks, it needs to have access to usernames and passwords provided by different users of system.

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answered Feb 5, 2016 by darin (1,920 points)

You can change the name that a user sees when interacting with a field.
Windows User NameA Windows user account that identifies the user.
User NameA user account that identifies the user.
commented Feb 6, 2016 by separate_W (600 points)
By default, the type of the new field is Generic
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answered Feb 14, 2016 by lbh9472me (820 points)
I need to do something like this I ended up going with the following solution. I took a brief look at http://content.parago.de/articles/SP2010SecureStoreSAP/HowToUseSharePoint2010SecureStoreAsSingleSignOnServiceForSAPApplicationsUsingERPConnect.pdf but that didn't help my
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answered Feb 21, 2016 by Associ (900 points)
I have also faced this problem. For a detailed explanation see my post at Encrypting your Credentials on Windows Phone 7.5 - author
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answered Mar 30, 2016 by should_Riz (570 points)
When you have finished editing the credential fields, click Next

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