Using Aspneidentity, how to override Identity cookie configuration in ASP.NET 5

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asked Feb 3, 2016 by wrenchdepao (740 points)
I'm trying to implement multi tenancy based on first folder segment of request url. Can somebody tell me how can I achieve this task programatically

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answered Apr 5, 2016 by yvx4707 (1,090 points)
selected Apr 6, 2016 by hfr_idea
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Create an authentication ticket for the user (an encrypted cookie) .
commented Apr 6, 2016 by hfr_idea (300 points)
NET Identity implements this check as part of its SecurityStampValidator
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answered Feb 6, 2016 by Cormany (1,030 points)

If you want to override it you can just add your own connection string in web.
NET Identity and the minimal code required to set up cookie based authentication. This library should serve your goal well ASP.NET Identity Stripped Bare - MVC Part 2 - Ben Foster luck
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answered Mar 4, 2016 by Version (1,090 points)

Sign In Async method called when signing in an identity and creating the cookie.
For example setting the cookie domain to. You may wish to adjust this to have cookies available to any host in your domain. The browser will only serve the cookie to a matching host name.
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answered Apr 5, 2016 by elion_9329 (980 points)
I started with more than eight solutions to this problem. If you're looking for something to do phone interviews with, check Understanding the Forms Authentication Ticket and Cookie
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