Developing for Fluennhibernate, nHibernate. Cannot simultaneously fetch multiple bags with multiple Fetch

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asked Feb 4, 2016 by enough (1,270 points)
First of all I should say that I did not familiar with Nhibernate at all, but project that I work with using this ORM of EF, I don't know why.

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answered Feb 12, 2016 by V_the (1,550 points)
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Query Exception: Cannot simultaneously fetch multiple bags.
commented Feb 13, 2016 by ubj4462 (800 points)
Hope I am clear enough
commented Feb 14, 2016 by LindquistH (1,200 points)
You would need to create a method instead
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answered Feb 17, 2016 by Vzn_53_Be (1,040 points)
This was a good NHibernate Pitfalls: Eager Loading Multiple Collections poor man's solution
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answered Feb 17, 2016 by Holstad (1,970 points)
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