Set today's date as default date when page load in jQuery UI datepicker

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asked Feb 6, 2016 by thisJeune (770 points)
I am trying to display today's date as default value in text box.

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answered Apr 8, 2016 by norena1618 (1,190 points)
selected Apr 9, 2016 by Rabenhorst
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Check it out at Jquery Datepicker UI options and set default date on Load ... this will be of help to some people
commented Apr 9, 2016 by Rabenhorst (1,420 points)
Make sure you have this function in your application delegate
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answered Feb 25, 2016 by vag7871 (790 points)

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answered Mar 21, 2016 by Gur1334 (310 points)

All the dates in the application are displayed back in US format. The datepicker control also works in the UK format when a date is selected. Net web forms application with a Master page for all the content page. NET/jQuery for the ASP.
commented Mar 22, 2016 by karasti (690 points)
You can find source here and a demo here
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answered Apr 1, 2016 by pny_431_to (290 points)
This link might help Master Page and JQuery datepicker localization issue ... will also dump the resource table
More about both explained here in this article
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answered Apr 12, 2016 by Dulin (1,130 points)
There are many tools that will make this easy
As found on the mailing list archive, APEX 4 - Bug - default jQuery UI Datepicker - m ... can use the filter function
commented Apr 12, 2016 by Gur7378 (810 points)
This is a late response but it might help others that find this. Simply doing a project clean on all of the libraries fixed everything

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